Cartoonists are a strange and twisted lot. I include myself in this statement. When I go to the MoCCA Fest in New York and walk into that space filled with nerds, dorks, wizards, freaks and geeks, I feel right at home. The cartoonist’s obsession, seeing the joke in everything, leads to his viewing the world in a different way — sometimes to his detriment. He will view every situation and ask, “How can this situation go completely wrong?” or “What would be the most unexpected thing right now?” or “What small thing can we add to turn this whole situation on its head?” Mind you, he isn’t always conscious that he is doing this. It becomes a habit, one that can lead to goofiness, mild anxiety, and even paranoia.

If cartoonists are strange then Gahan Wilson is stranger. Gahan Wilson’s cartoon art is dripping with the paranoid and the macabre. Viewing his work is like walking into a dark fun house. His art is raw and energetic, his strokes are unsettling. Take a look at the art I have presented here and you will see what I mean.


You may recognize the image above from one of my cartoons, where I pay tribute to Mr. Wilson!