I have been feeling this need lately to work faster and with more confidence. I decided to start doing some exercises to bring this about. One of the best exercises I know of for honing my art chops is the gesture drawing exercise. I think most artist know about this one. Ideally you go out into public and draw the people around you as quickly as you can, taking no more than five minutes on each figure. You do this over and over again. It’s winter so people aren’t really outside, and I don’t feel like sitting in a shopping mall, so I conducted an image search on Google for “People Walking” and chose a bunch of images. I opened three at a time in separate tabs on my browser and drew them in succession giving myself no more than five minutes for each. I focused on the rhythm and line of the figures. I asked, “What is it that expresses the figure’s weight and motion?”

I have a few of the drawings compiled below. I’m still not nearly as fast or loose as I would like to be, and it looks like I will be doing this exercise again and again.