This cartoon was a response to the New York State assault weapons ban. Everyone was talking about it and I decided not to ‘say’ anything. This cartoon is somewhat neutral in that everything that is said to the viewer comes from within the¬†viewer. I thought it a strongly evocative cartoon.

Maybe it was too evocative. The editor was on the fence about the cartoon for many reasons, Ulster Publishing had just received complaints about an ad involving kids and guns, the environment around the UP offices was very electric and tense that day, and also she had just received a report about yet another shooting. I don’t blame her for not publishing this one. It’s the first one she didn’t publish, and there were many before this one that I thought wouldn’t get through.

And just an added note, the editor of the New Paltz Times is one of the fairest, most straightforward and kind people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I hope to be working with her for many years to come!